Deciding What to Do… Opportunity

Deciding What to Do… Opportunity

Do you have issues with this? It’s crazy to think that I am talking about a situation where too much opportunity is causing stagnation…

Opportunity is Everywhere

I’m not bragging when I say this, but opportunity is everywhere. I think most people become immune to seeing it around them. Then there is another group completely that has the issue I have, I’m good at seeing the opportunity but not so good at picking which one to go with.

Every Opportunity Seems Damned Promising

Currently, everything I’m looking at seems awesome. Now I must admit from the time I started this post till now some of these opportunities feel more right than others, but the same problem persists because the ones that “feel right” are the hardest long shots of all of them.

Could I be too optimistic? I mean I certainly think it’s possible.

Breakdown of Current Opportunities

Hektech and Better PC Health – these seem somewhat obvious, but I have made some key changes in the last month to Hektech, and I have planned for months to do the Let’s Build a Business for Better PC Health. Growth is slow and in the future sometime I will explain some major problems I have. If you don’t know what Hektech and Better PC Health click the links of each to find out more

YouTube – This is really a small part of a bigger whole at this point, however, it could be a great opportunity. Right now I have my personal channel, Hektech, and BPCH along with another random channel that I have not done anything with but have plans to make some fun top 10 type videos on. YouTube does allow for people to make better than an average living but most of the people who are doing this have been on there for years and make high-quality videos.

Blogging – I have met a few people in the recent months that make more than you or I could possibly imagine from blogging… We are talking about over $100k monthly. I don’t think I write anything that could make that kind of money, but I could see myself doing that for sure.

Sherece’s Stores – Last on this list is Sherece’s stuff, and Baking Is My Yoga (Facebook and Website). We are looking at doing a Kickstarter for the latter and we already have running. I want to give her enough attention so that she can be successful as possible.

This leaves out the other people I am working with… It leaves out CL Harmon and The Mannford Reporter, it leaves out NJ and our planned PTA site, and at least 3 more people I can think of without trying!!!

How I Look at Each Opportunity

Well without trying to sound like some kind of nut (I likely do) I look at them damned optimistically. Hektech or Better PC Health could be extremely successful beyond the limits of “owning a freelance job”… wildly I am telling you. They are both businesses that have completely automatable systems. They could be staffed by people with minimal skill and they both would provide huge value for their customers.

YouTube, if you didn’t know it, creates millionaires. No Joke. Finding whatever it takes to make some videos that get to 1 million views monthly. I think I would only need 1 or 2 videos to do that monthly to live very well… I have heard many people get side gigs and other work from their YouTube videos, I do hope for that.

Blogging is one of those things I have always said I wanted to do, but just never really did the “right” way. People want to see consistent material of a certain quality.

Last on this list is my lovely wife’s stuff. She really has some stuff that looks like it has huge potential.

But I still Feel Stuck…

When it comes to BPCH and Hektech; I just can’t seem to figure out how to get it rolling like it should. I think that is the main reason I am doing the Let’s Build a Business on YouTube. Which brings me to my next point YouTube I see as a very long shot and not something I am banking on at all. It is kind of like blogging, however, maybe I can get it right this time around. I don’t expect to make any direct money from this. Much like YouTube, I could see how it could generate income in other ways. With Sherece’s stores I feel like I can help a lot, but don’t know all that I need to know. I for sure don’t feel I can give her the time and attention she needs or deserves.

With all this opportunity, in a way I feel stuck on two sides; which do I pick and how do I do it right? What I end up doing is just everything, which actually seems to help, but it is hard to think this is the optimal way of doing things.


Cross Post – Struggling, Down but Not Out

I sent this to my Hektech email subscribers and thought it was appropriate to post here. Enjoy!

The title sounds a little worse than it truly is, but last night was hard. My wife, Sherece, was down, sick and in terrible pain but she fights on! I on the other hand, was struggling, not with sickness, but with the thoughts of what I really want to do. See for the last 5-6 weeks I have been meeting with a friend in Tulsa and we have both been stopping the rush of the day once a week for an hour or so to truly examine what we are doing day to day. For him, it has meant putting himself out there more to take larger risks in his businesses. For me, it has resulted in a lot of self-examination that seemed to lead to unclear paths until yesterday. However, once I had an “answer” the struggle began. I have always known at some point I wanted to write, be a blogger, or write a business book. I have hundreds of “blog” posts and other articles that I have started and I am willing to bet 50/50 ratio of finished to unfinished but compared to how much I write I only put a very small amount out into the world.

The biggest struggle of this is centered around money.

I have never seen a clear and “quick” path to making money writing things. I had always told myself that after one of my many business deals was successful then I would cash in and write about it or other things. I love researching, digging a little deeper and finding what is newer than the next guy. So it also came out that I had always seen myself as some sort of investigative blogger, and I love the idea of doing podcasts.

But I think these things have given me a great strength and a weakness at the same time. Often I am too far ahead of the curve for my own good, and I can not learn the tools fast enough to use them. One great example is the WordPress Rest-API, which means great things for any business using WordPress. However, unless you have a team of developers or are willing to pay for custom development then you will be waiting 2-5 years for community versions of things that will really be useful. I know I don’t have the budget for that.

Do it public and do it loud.

I think this is why I started doing the “Let’s Build a Business” series. Secret goals have always been a part of this, first I saw it as a way to get rid of forever the need [want] I have had to do it right and make it work the way it was originally intended, but more to the point I saw as a way to get vital business skills and knowledge I don’t have or shore up other issues I fail to recognize. Originally I saw this as a 1-year process that would just happen in my spare time, but now I see the only way to do it right is to just get it done! I have condensed the schedule for it down to about 1.5 months and I will try to shrink it much further.

Here is the crazy part of it all. Every time that I think about doing any of these things I’m stopping myself short and putting on the breaks. I know I won’t have any issues once I just start, but there is always that fear that sets in when something is new. And for me, the fear is always greater if perceive the possible change to be larger. I feel like these changes will be just that very large!

All The Things Are Changing

All The Things Are Changing

Change although typically viewed as bad is almost always good.

Take for instance Sherece and me, recently (yesterday) we completed the 30 day run of The Whole 30, we are 3 lessons into Dave Ramseys Finacial Peace University, and we are looking at what else we can improve.

On the business side of things, I have moved nearly every website to a faster and more secure setup. And I have started the “Let’s Build a Business” series and that has changed my thinking in several things. Already one buddy has pointed out several flaws in the first episode, some are minor oversights, others are major flaws in my logic of how things would be perceived and not properly explaining them in the video. I hope that by tomorrow I have things together well enough to release episode 2.

Picture of the i Ching also known as the Book of Changes. Take a look at the history and more on Wikipedia

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