Life Update

Time for some change 🙂 – Was supposed to be a quick 100 words but here are 500+

Sherece and I are going to sell everything we can get an RV and travel!!! I will get to play more poker, she will get to work on her business ideas. Life will be cheaper and more fun.

My business stuff is all remote enabled, but I really hope I can get my head on straight and start making consistent money at poker. I have a bad case of winners tilt right now. I also need to take a break for another reason…

The other reason… FQHC around here suck. So about a year ago I decided I would try it out. The experience was horrible and continues to be. I only gave it a shot because my doctor I had found retired. So what do I get in return?

The promise of low prices with quality care… I said promise. I can guarantee they don’t listen, or my prescriptions are never filled. But worst of all they cost a ridiculous amount of money. Nearly $500 a pop. My doctor (no insurance) was charging $40 + $80 when they had to do blood work. Want to find a good deal call around…

Anyhow because they have not returned calls or faxes for my prescription I have been taking a lower dose of thyroid for a few weeks now and I can tell a difference…

So anyhow I still have to decide what a break means. I think for sure 12hr+ sessions are not going to be something I can do very often if at all. I also think it is very important for me to assess how I am doing before playing. Today and most days this week, I just haven’t been feeling it.

Lucky for me I picked up The Mental Game of Poker and I have a better system than ever to evaluate. I have suspected differences in the past when my thyroid is off, and I have noted a few, but evaluating my thinking and focus is not something I have really felt the need to do in the past.

Other Notes

I have been doing this very good, but high level Bible study on Angels and Demons… It is really a good thing to look deeply into other things. A few other guys and I have started a men’s Bible study and goals group.

I tell you I am really looking forward to this!


I need to throw out there also. Posted an opening on for a programmer for BPCH. I have been looking around at the possibility of selling the company, and also trying to find people interested in make other deals.

Things look really good, but I keep hearing they could look much better. I just have to decide if I am going to put in the work to get this thing going to where it should be, or I truly want to move on to something else. We are at a do or die situation. (Die being die to me; sold).

Again the nice thing is whatever happens it still fits with our current plans. BPCH can continue and grow etc… and I can be anywhere in the world with an internet connection and cell phone to make it happen.

Also want to mention on the last leg of Kelly B. Todd website. It is coming along nicely, and is a charity that I would recommend for anyone to check out.

Not Knowing the Best way to Deal with a Problem

I have started this post numerous times but never finish it. This time, I am just going to keep it short and sweet because I think I have a solution.

For those of you that don’t know, I have hypothyroidism. The reason I never finish this post is because this story involves so much. It involves a lot in the way of general practitioners not knowing what I think they should. It involves 2.5 years of constant blood tests and a much longer time of just not feeling like things are right yet.

I know when things are good I can live a consistent life waking up on time, staying awake and focused through the day, and not falling asleep so early that you’d think I was a grandpa. But things over the last couple of years have not been good as I call them.

Most recently after my last doctor, the one that got it right, retired. When this happened, I thought, no big deal I can find a new doctor… Let me just shorten this up by saying I was wrong.

I went to the health clinic near my work, and after they ran the most expensive test, and the doctor made me feel like he didn’t listen or care. My tests came back on the high side (indicating I need more medication), however, instead of looking at the symptoms I was reporting and the past history of levels that had worked for me I was told, “you are within the normal range”.

Now to understand the frustration here you have to realize that I have been through this before. I have been in and out of the doctors offices’ spending God only knows amounts of money. And now I FEEL like I am back at square one.

It doesn’t help that nearly everything that I have had go wrong with me in the last 6 months or so is related… Yes, 6 months. I am making an appointment with a specialist in the next week, I had felt like I could not take the time off of work or my boss would stroke out.

Trust me when I say this is much shorter than the other versions. There is just so much to say about it because it affects almost everything in your body and mind. From how tired you feel (with regard to sleep and physically), to how you think and remember things (not well). I really hope seeing a specialist will put this to bed for once and all. Because the costs of not taking care of it are far too great.

PS – I haven’t paid the clinic. Shame on me for not writing a letter to explain why I have not paid them. But much like these blog posts on the subject; there is too much to say and only so much paper in the world. I guess I just need to keep it short and sweet and send them the money when I can anyways, maybe they will be able to invest in some updated charts and information.