30 Days of Genius – Lots of Really Good Stuff Here

First, sorry I did not post this sooner. I started writing it over a month ago then got distracted and never got around to finishing up.

I have been watching 30 Days of Genius and it is amazing!

I recommend this for anyone that is either a creative person or freelancing or trying to run your own business. Get all kinds of great advice and insight from people that have been there!

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Richard BransonArianna Huffington     Mark Cuban
Sir Mix-A-LotSeth GodinJared Leto
Marie ForleoGary VaynerchukLeVar Burton
Tim FerrissDaymond JohnRamit Sethi
Gabrielle Bernstein     James AltucherKelly Starrett
Lewis HowesKevin KellyBrian Solis
Austin KleonBrandon StantonSophia Amoruso
Brené BrownNeil StraussTina Roth Eisenberg
Gretchen RubinElle LunaAdrian Grenier
Kevin RoseStefan SagmeisterCaterina Fake

At Some Future Date

I will write in more detail about my favorite episodes. and just yesterday I saw they announced that they have turned all the episodes into podcasts!


Grab Your Headphones: 30 Days of Genius Is Now a Podcast



Leadership Notebook Prompt #1

Leadership Notebook Prompt #1

Thinking about a time where someone I respect engaged in leadership isn’t that obvious because I feel like I still don’t know how to define leadership well. My current business partner/mentor seems to do leadership actions. My grandfather was a leader in his business, without recalling an exact situation I know that he would put himself in danger to protect another. I also think my current business partner would do the same.

Now that I am to describe a time I have led I am really lost. I think of the times I have talked to co-workers, or business partners and brought up the importance of what we were working on at the time.

I do think leadership is a choice.

This last part of the exercise makes things a little clearer for me.

Leadership is about making change. A change that might not work. If you do the work alone, you’re an artist. if you get other people to do it with you, you’re a leader. Going forward, then, what is the change you’re trying to make?

I guess every time I have made a somewhat grand suggestion for one of my clients I have been trying to lead them into something that I think will work, but may fail. I think one of the shortcomings I have needed to face is that I have not always made that clear. However, often with the things, I try to achieve when they fail it is typically not that bad and works out nearly all the time, but when they succeed, I have seen amazing things happen for people. I just never thought of it as leadership

There was a time limit on this and I have just hit it.

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