So Much to Say Not Enough Time in the Day

As an update, this has been put on hold for reasons that I can’t go into right now, but this is still a valid idea and could be a cool project.

While I need some refining and other help along the way this is the current thing I am working on. “Let’s Build a Business”, this should be pretty fun. If you watch this video please remember I can’t be horrible forever 😉 I also encourage feedback.

  • What did I do wrong?
  • What advice do you give?
  • What business knowledge do you have that you don’t mind sharing?

Think business development live and interactive… I will run streaming. I will use Twitter, Facebook, this blog, etc

I will have guests and “real” cam action. So please check it out 🙂

I will use any feedback for future episodes, I planned on 1 episode a week, so if something changes I will update you. Other than that this should be a fun way to test some things out and see where we can take things. I really love to experiment, I think building things in a continuous development cycle is the right way to do “tech”. And above all that I don’t know what I am doing so, this is something we can do together 🙂

Love it, then please subscribe to my channel, like the vid, and leave a comment.

Hate it, then do the same as if you loved it 😉

Let’s Build a Business