About Me

If you found this blog and don’t already know me: Welcome!

My name is Spencer, and you have found my blog. I try to write somewhat regularly but do not hit publish that often. The goal is to share the information I find helpful or things I think are interesting. If I have some crazy thought that won’t go away, I can write about it. If I publish and you want to discuss or make contact in some way, please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading.


I randomly post to my YouTube, but I’m working on adding old stuff I’ve made and new stuff.

Spencer Heckathorn – YouTube

I’ve been having a ton of fun recently making shorts on my mrhobbeys account here are a few:

Tell your friend, “Hey check out this Sylvester Stallone video I found, 75 and still working out like a beast!”

Or this one… What’s in your wallet?