I found some old content and thought, “why not!” I’m going to post this old content just to have it. So over the next few weeks or possibly days, I will post this stuff by making it live and linking to it here on this post. I am hoping I can develop a habit of posting on a regular basis.

Old (unknown dates):
First Post –

Well, This one is first up because it is called “first post”. While this by far was not my first post it was at this particular time. I was getting a “new” poker path and wanted to chronicle my journey not so focused on poker as much as my general feelings and goals etc. I should have explained that I had at this time started a couple of challenges the for the new year of 2011. First was a challenge of x dollars to x dollars bankroll growth challenge. I think it was $100 to $10,000. Another challenge I had set to do was x hands which I have written in my actual (physical) notebook and when I find that I can confirm but I am sure it was 1 million hands.

Video –

Just a video of me playing some poker.

Odd Thinks –

just a quick post.

Future posts to get deeper and more to the heart.

Changes Coming…

In this post, I talk a little about politics and the things I see that are bothering me and still bother me today. I would say I’m less consumed by watching these things as they happen these days; more or less despondent over the whole matter.

Not as long but Still

Today I…

I am almost ready to move!!!

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