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So I have been KO’ ed recently by allergies. I have now comeback over the last 2 days and I was so looking forward to playing but I have been playing so bad it’s unbelievable. Mostly my poor play is due to tilting after taking beats and wanting to play too many hands, however a part of it significant enough to mention is due to something else entirely it’s like I somehow forgot how to play well…… Really odd right? It’s only day two and its only been a week since I played but somehow I find myself unsure if a play is correct or what to do in different spots, and yes this is something I might normally suffer it just somehow seems that recently these problems are more pronounced and present then before. More than likely though, it is nothing, just an odd facet of variance, only it would be the kind that opens one up to making incorrect changes in their game. For instance, today it seemed as if I was playing in the twilight zone, people were drawing to crazy hands with no regards for odds, players were making the worst folds, bets, calls, and in general plays, the problem comes in that I was also doing this! I found myself several times calling post flop looking for a gut shot (WTF), somehow when I would fold I would say something like, “was I supposed to fold there?” Sadly every time I would see this only after the hand was completed and this is a problem I noticed just as my allergies were starting to kick in, I had several days where everything just seemed “off” one of the most notable days was that of the very day the earthquake hit Japan, I’m not saying there is a relation but I have always wondered if some of us are more affected by happenings such as this then others….On the notorious Friday I was completely unable to follow any action, I had to use the replayer as a crutch, I did manage to sneak my way into the money I think it was 14th place finish in an 180, but that was nothing because I did not realize how bad I was playing till I went and played live that evening, oddly my fist clue that I might have had a problem that day was that I even went and played my general thought being I do not have the bankroll to play live games on Friday and Saturday when the players are more aggressive and fishy than normal, I found myself completely ill-equipped to categorize any play by my opponents nor could I develop decent counter strategies, it was like I was on drugs or drunk but neither was true. That night I also went on to lose way more than I would normally allow myself to lose, mostly due to unclear thinking.

This is mentioned because here I am now somewhat in a similar state of mind, just clouded, and I am thinking that it’s a good time to do a blog post or anything other than play some more.

Old – First Post – Simple Start for a Simple Blog

Old – First Post – Simple Start for a Simple Blog

mrhobbeys it’s a (dot) com

For those of you that don’t know;
I am playing online poker as opposed to live poker (and working a regular 9-5), I am also selling online all of the things I have acquired for that very purpose, and I am learning a few new things along the way.

Poker what a great game it beats you down to pick you up just a little each time, honestly I am enjoying the control over my schedule that poker affords me but for some reason I am cannot do as well online as I can live. I could speculate all day long about why this is but I do know that often get frustrated about the low (micro) steaks I am currently playing, but that is my chose and I either need to deal with it or get a job so I can move up faster.  Playing 6max superturbo STTs is not that bad I can play a lot of tourneys within a short amount of time, about 7 minutes each,  with 4 tabling it takes me about 1 hr per ever 25 tourneys. I think I can reasonably expect to make 10% ROI from each which means about $2.50/hr – I need to play more.  The only problem I am having is something I typically suffer with; lack of focus, lack of ……. (well you know that thing that makes most people successful). I beg you not to take me down as negative but it’s hard to motivate one’s self to play when their graph looks like the following;

Old – Hey-O

This is not an official blog post just clearing out some clutter and going to post my poker video before I start actually working on this site to make it usable.

First Blog Post

Video – If I did it right the download will start.

In this video, I am attempting to start a session on a pretty bad day for me. I think there is lots of “good” bad play to look at and there are a few spots I cause trouble for myself and am put to the test by the other players. My next video will not suck as bad FYI.

Just to make this like my blog post I will tell you some of things going on atm. Last night it got down to -15 degrees (-26 C) and sometime around 10:30 as I was getting ready for bed I noticed that my water stopped working, I had a problem. My water is stored in the underbelly of my trailer so if it freezes enough things will start breaking and it can get very expensive very fast. It wasn’t too hard to fix I just had to turn the heat up, turn the water pump off, as not to burn it up, and wait till I could turn my pump back on so I would not burn out my hot water heater, which I could not turn off because that could freeze too. It was sometime between 3-4am when I made it to bed. Not complaining about it though I learned something when it gets that cold I have to keep my heat up so it will come on often enough.

My Mom will be happy to know that I have beans cooking. Spade and I have not frozen to death.

I will be making another post in the near future about some cool HEM things I have learned and I will cover some other things I have learned from TPE videos. Also at some point after I figure it out I will explain in depth on how to use eBay’s File Exchange, so far it is like pulling teeth but I am sure that after it is up and running it will be much better then Turbo Lister.

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