Long Time Dream Started: Machine DB

Machine DB


An Old Site With a Specific Purpose

Years ago (more than 9) I bought a domain called CNCDatabase with the thought that CNC programmers and operators should not have to buy software that hardly works to make conversion of G-code or other “CNC” code from one machine to another. The typical shop could be full of 10 machines and each one of them could speak its own language. I hated the fact that for me to write my own tools I would have to learn the particulars of each machine.

Instead I imagined a Wiki Site that would act as a cross reference.

I Got Started On That a Few Times BUT…

MediaWiki was hard and life was getting in the way. Between health issues and just trying to pay bills I was getting nowhere fast. Eventually I scrapped the idea and moved on. BUT something kept bugging me. Ever time I did anything with tools, machines, nuts, bolts, car parts, lawn mowers, etc… I would always need more information than I could find. So somewhere along the lines, with a little more knowledge about what is possible, I purchased MachineDB.com (approx 4-5 years ago).

Nearly Impossible: Made Me Start

So I sat on this domain for some time, but about a month ago I ran into a situation where I needed to find information about the mower, mower engine, and carburetor for the lawn mower I had just purchased.

Nearly impossible! I don’t know who puts the online catalogs together, but they are stupid! They are so stupid in fact that it pushed me into starting MachineDB.com

Now I Need Help

I will reserve pleading for help at a later date when I have gotten a few things figured out, but if you know MediaWiki or you love data entry or data organization. Then you would be a good fit, and I need your help now!

Keep checking back for more details as I get going on this thing!

If you are interested in helping just leave a comment here or check the page out yourself. Also if you think CNCDataBase could be useful let me know!