Hit It With The Big Bashy Thing First

Hit It With The Big Bashy Thing First

In looking for an answer on a computer issue the difference between dd and ddrescue I came across an interesting concept that I have been thinking about. The application is practical for most things we do if you understand the why and apply it properly. As Journeyman Geek says ‘Most UNIX graybeard would say “Use the big bashy thing” – it’s the “right” way to do it.’ He may not be agreeing with what he attributes to the graybeard but I think it is genius!

Bashing away at things may seem like the wrong choice when you aren’t trying to break things but in most cases, we have to make a compromise between speed of getting the thing done and accuracy. Both of these are things that we strive for speed … accuracy. It’s the holy grail of productivity to achieve both in any project or endeavor be it work or personal.

In computing specifically you need accuracy or things break very easily, however, there is a little more to it than that. There are known problems with accuracy in computing such as bit flipping. I learned about it from Defcon years ago you can see the talk here: Bitsquatting.  You can also read more here.

Basically, due to faulty equipment at some point along the way of you typing in amazon.com you could actually end up at aeazon.com (as an example). This is due to one of the zeros flipping to a one or vice versa.

And that might be a poor demonstration of what I am getting at here, but let me try to just break it down a more simple way. If the Big Bashy Thing succeeds in making things work it likely did it faster and with enough accuracy. So we should try that first then get more fine-grained especially since some operations like ddrescue can take days to complete where dd might only take half a day and output the same quality even if it is a little less accurate.

On the way to Clean and Organized

On the way to Clean and Organized

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that I wrote you guys about how I was working so hard to get things cleaned and organized on my computers…


Here I am again. Not completed from last time…

Anyone who knows what I’m talking about here knows that if you don’t keep things organized as you go then it becomes a daunting task to do it later. Sometimes that is easier said than done. We get busy, things get in the way, or others were forgotten.

Part of getting it right is having the right system. And I have had my share of “wrong” systems. I am certainly still trying to figure it all out. You can read about some of that in my Paper vs Digital posts (at the time of writing I still have 2 more posts to come).

Today I am going to tell you about 2 new tools I have added to the mix that seems to be holding their own weight… My only evidence is that I am sitting here writing this blog post now instead of …

1st up on our list is Getting Things Done. This is more of a methodology than a tool but it is just as much a tool in how you use it. I found the book terribly boring and recommend not getting it – sorry to David Allen for that. However, there is this YouTube video which does a good job of breaking things down in about 8 min. And eventually, I will finish the book. To help with the system there is an app called GSDfaster. I’ve been using this for around a week now and really am enjoying it. I will make a blog post about it when I get through the book and understand the system fully.

2nd on our list we have pCloud! I got this AppSumo deal for 500 GB of space for a lifetime for 1 payment of $49. I loved it so much I upgraded to the 2TB plan for $200 more. You might ask how that helps but as someone that uses several devices, several computers, and in many locations. I have had to leap-frog my cloud storage solutions for years. OneDrive, Dropbox, Google, and iCloud are all full and due to device limitations not all of them are on all of my devices. But pCloud is different… It saves my data in the cloud and gives me a virtual hard drive effectively extending my hard drive to the size I need. I can also set a cache size allowing me to keep all the files offline if needed such as if I were traveling where there was no internet but still needed access to my files.

I hope you found that useful! I will let you know as things develop and I find more useful tools. Additionally, I have made a major change on my Ultimate Guide to Online Marketing essentially I have followed my own advice and made an adjustment to my target audience. This guide is going to be most helpful to anyone running some sort of service based business such as coaching, consulting, and alike. You can find more details on the actual post as it develops by clicking here.

Thanks, everyone!


PS I will do a blog post about this in the future but I have used affiliate links when possible. This costs you nothing extra and helps cover the costs of operating the many sites I have. Thank you!