Life Update

Time for some change 🙂 – Was supposed to be a quick 100 words but here are 500+

Sherece and I are going to sell everything we can get an RV and travel!!! I will get to play more poker, she will get to work on her business ideas. Life will be cheaper and more fun.

My business stuff is all remote enabled, but I really hope I can get my head on straight and start making consistent money at poker. I have a bad case of winners tilt right now. I also need to take a break for another reason…

The other reason… FQHC around here suck. So about a year ago I decided I would try it out. The experience was horrible and continues to be. I only gave it a shot because my doctor I had found retired. So what do I get in return?

The promise of low prices with quality care… I said promise. I can guarantee they don’t listen, or my prescriptions are never filled. But worst of all they cost a ridiculous amount of money. Nearly $500 a pop. My doctor (no insurance) was charging $40 + $80 when they had to do blood work. Want to find a good deal call around…

Anyhow because they have not returned calls or faxes for my prescription I have been taking a lower dose of thyroid for a few weeks now and I can tell a difference…

So anyhow I still have to decide what a break means. I think for sure 12hr+ sessions are not going to be something I can do very often if at all. I also think it is very important for me to assess how I am doing before playing. Today and most days this week, I just haven’t been feeling it.

Lucky for me I picked up The Mental Game of Poker and I have a better system than ever to evaluate. I have suspected differences in the past when my thyroid is off, and I have noted a few, but evaluating my thinking and focus is not something I have really felt the need to do in the past.

Other Notes

I have been doing this very good, but high level Bible study on Angels and Demons… It is really a good thing to look deeply into other things. A few other guys and I have started a men’s Bible study and goals group.

I tell you I am really looking forward to this!


I need to throw out there also. Posted an opening on for a programmer for BPCH. I have been looking around at the possibility of selling the company, and also trying to find people interested in make other deals.

Things look really good, but I keep hearing they could look much better. I just have to decide if I am going to put in the work to get this thing going to where it should be, or I truly want to move on to something else. We are at a do or die situation. (Die being die to me; sold).

Again the nice thing is whatever happens it still fits with our current plans. BPCH can continue and grow etc… and I can be anywhere in the world with an internet connection and cell phone to make it happen.

Also want to mention on the last leg of Kelly B. Todd website. It is coming along nicely, and is a charity that I would recommend for anyone to check out.

Old – First Post – Simple Start for a Simple Blog

Old – First Post – Simple Start for a Simple Blog

mrhobbeys it’s a (dot) com

For those of you that don’t know;
I am playing online poker as opposed to live poker (and working a regular 9-5), I am also selling online all of the things I have acquired for that very purpose, and I am learning a few new things along the way.

Poker what a great game it beats you down to pick you up just a little each time, honestly I am enjoying the control over my schedule that poker affords me but for some reason I am cannot do as well online as I can live. I could speculate all day long about why this is but I do know that often get frustrated about the low (micro) steaks I am currently playing, but that is my chose and I either need to deal with it or get a job so I can move up faster.  Playing 6max superturbo STTs is not that bad I can play a lot of tourneys within a short amount of time, about 7 minutes each,  with 4 tabling it takes me about 1 hr per ever 25 tourneys. I think I can reasonably expect to make 10% ROI from each which means about $2.50/hr – I need to play more.  The only problem I am having is something I typically suffer with; lack of focus, lack of ……. (well you know that thing that makes most people successful). I beg you not to take me down as negative but it’s hard to motivate one’s self to play when their graph looks like the following;