Leadership Notebook Prompt #1

Leadership Notebook Prompt #1

Thinking about a time where someone I respect engaged in leadership isn’t that obvious because I feel like I still don’t know how to define leadership well. My current business partner/mentor seems to do leadership actions. My grandfather was a leader in his business, without recalling an exact situation I know that he would put himself in danger to protect another. I also think my current business partner would do the same.

Now that I am to describe a time I have led I am really lost. I think of the times I have talked to co-workers, or business partners and brought up the importance of what we were working on at the time.

I do think leadership is a choice.

This last part of the exercise makes things a little clearer for me.

Leadership is about making change. A change that might not work. If you do the work alone, you’re an artist. if you get other people to do it with you, you’re a leader. Going forward, then, what is the change you’re trying to make?

I guess every time I have made a somewhat grand suggestion for one of my clients I have been trying to lead them into something that I think will work, but may fail. I think one of the shortcomings I have needed to face is that I have not always made that clear. However, often with the things, I try to achieve when they fail it is typically not that bad and works out nearly all the time, but when they succeed, I have seen amazing things happen for people. I just never thought of it as leadership

There was a time limit on this and I have just hit it.