This is not an official blog post just clearing out some clutter and going to post my poker video before I start actually working on this site to make it usable.

First Blog Post

Video – If I did it right the download will start.

In this video, I am attempting to start a session on a pretty bad day for me. I think there is lots of “good” bad play to look at and there are a few spots I cause trouble for myself and am put to the test by the other players. My next video will not suck as bad FYI.

Just to make this like my blog post I will tell you some of things going on atm. Last night it got down to -15 degrees (-26 C) and sometime around 10:30 as I was getting ready for bed I noticed that my water stopped working, I had a problem. My water is stored in the underbelly of my trailer so if it freezes enough things will start breaking and it can get very expensive very fast. It wasn’t too hard to fix I just had to turn the heat up, turn the water pump off, as not to burn it up, and wait till I could turn my pump back on so I would not burn out my hot water heater, which I could not turn off because that could freeze too. It was sometime between 3-4am when I made it to bed. Not complaining about it though I learned something when it gets that cold I have to keep my heat up so it will come on often enough.

My Mom will be happy to know that I have beans cooking. Spade and I have not frozen to death.

I will be making another post in the near future about some cool HEM things I have learned and I will cover some other things I have learned from TPE videos. Also at some point after I figure it out I will explain in depth on how to use eBay’s File Exchange, so far it is like pulling teeth but I am sure that after it is up and running it will be much better then Turbo Lister.

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