Not Your Magnum Opus

Stop treating everything like it is the last thing you will ever do. Have you ever wondered why some people get hung up on this? I’ve been guilty of this.

I used to be much worse about this, which is related to the same fear people have about speaking in public. Maybe this is the same thing that keeps people from speaking up in many situations where they should.

I used to have a dream where I would catch an evil. It could be a “bad guy” that robbed someone or worse. It could be a literal evil. I get this evil to the ground, and I go to punch it, but I can never hit it. I might pound craters into the environment around them, but I never can actually “get” the evil. Then I wake up drenched in sweat. I feel helpless.

Spencer Heckathorn

I've been writing online on and off for nearly 20 years now. But I have been building online businesses and trying to figure out different ways to make money online consistently for 15 years. Recently you can find me writing on and posting odd musings to Twitter @mrhobbeys. I also have a mailing list I'm passionate about growing because email and a personal website are better ways for people to do social media.

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