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Bettina Arndt is from Australia and has a very traditional view of marriage and the roles people play in the marriage.  I think anyone that wants to stick to a Biblical view of things will enjoy this video.  The warnings about where we are headed as a society are very interesting and valid as well.

I have often thought about how things like the Bible guide our society, and what that means.  One thing I come back to often is how do these things fit together if you’re an atheist?  While I don’t claim to have the answers to that question it seems to me that the knowledge presented from the generations past must have some value.  Be it our parents, or even older generations the people who have gone before us have learned something. They have gained some knowledge to pass down to us in one way or another.

These things also force me to consider how this generation and the next might look in 20-30 years.  I see everyday more and more rejection of the knowledge from those that have gone before us, and this is not even mentioning the rejection of God both in obvious and subtle ways. I think I could expand on these topics ad infinitum because on one side you have the people who outright claim God is dead or a lie and these people are easy to spot.  However, there is a more subtle and, to my mind, more scary trend especially among the young to “rebrand” things and “tweak” them a little.  This has to be like the stuff Jim Jones must have been doing.

Anyhow, I am getting further and further away from my intent here… This video was interesting. I hope you enjoy.


Watch on YouTube here: Jordan Peterson’s complete talk with Bettina Arndt
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