I got a bluetooth keyboard on AWS. Now I am typing on this tiny keyboard onto my tablet as a test. I thought there would be more lag but this thing is working pretty well. There is lag, but not too bad. As long as I pay attention to the keys I hit I seem to do fine.

The funny part is the most annoying thing about using the tablet is propping the thing up then touching it….. Because it always falls, and since no mouse you have to click on a lot of things for it to work right; fall…. fall….. fall….

So the goal of my test is to publish a short post from this tablet. I was going to use one I grabbed from work but I thought this keyboard I ordered look larger, and I had trouble charging that one. Bad news for me this keyboard is basically the same thing it is like the same company makes it.

Also, I know I said no lag but if I get on a good streatch I will type 2 or 3 words ahead of the keyboard and then end up hitting backspace a ton to fix the errors. Obviously not a fan of that situation.

I think that is it so I’m going to take a pic using this tablet of the keyboard so you can judge for yourself. (it has lights lol and claims the battery lasts 6 months with 2 hrs daily use!)

Just learned I can’t add a pic from this tablet the way I thought I could, but that is why this is a test 🙂

So bye for now I’ll take a pic of this thing and put it in a comment or something. Also going to try this again later from my phone.


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