Change although typically viewed as bad is almost always good.

Take for instance Sherece and me, recently (yesterday) we completed the 30 day run of The Whole 30, we are 3 lessons into Dave Ramseys Finacial Peace University, and we are looking at what else we can improve.

On the business side of things, I have moved nearly every website to a faster and more secure setup. And I have started the “Let’s Build a Business” series and that has changed my thinking in several things. Already one buddy has pointed out several flaws in the first episode, some are minor oversights, others are major flaws in my logic of how things would be perceived and not properly explaining them in the video. I hope that by tomorrow I have things together well enough to release episode 2.

Picture of the i Ching also known as the Book of Changes. Take a look at the history and more on Wikipedia

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