First I must clarify I do not think all the people selling a “system” or offering wealth in exchange for a small training fee are out there coning people. Some people that are making great products and services and truly changing lives exist, but this strategy won’t work against the “good ones” anyhow. It will only mop the floor with the scum of the new age. Also, on purpose, I wrote this against the grain of what we are told and even what we have learned gets more people to read… Call it an experiment.


For years I have been watching these guys… gurus and alike making these outrageous claims and standing in front of their Ferraris and surrounded by beautiful things. You know the ones you have seen them in many different settings they are always around claiming they can teach or train you to do the same.

Sometimes I think a few of these people are sincere in their efforts and intentions. I think a few of them could even help the budding entrepreneur or struggling business owner but what I never understood was why and how they justified charging someone that is struggling $5,000, $10,000, even upwards of $100,000 and higher.

Remember the person they are getting to pay them is often in a hard position. These people are using strong emotions and in a way praying on the weak. 

“I can help you”

“Your business won’t grow unless you invest in it”

You won’t grow unless you invest in yourself”

These gurus all have the same battle cry. They are so cookie cutter. What’s crazy is it seems right for the time. In our social media-addicted world, you can see business owners checking their Facebook more often than their workers. And everyone knows the couple, they have seen them (or been them), checking Facebook and texting on a date night (I know I’ve done it). 

What a better time could there be for someone promising quick riches, and an easy path to wealth? 

Truly the last 50-100 years have been prime time for these scum to grow. Never a better time for them to thrive and become powerful and wealthy. It begs the question, could this be the thing to do?


I say in fact there has never been a better time than now for what is about to come. You may think it is social media that has ruined your life and they are easy to blame. They higher dopamine experts to manipulate our brains into spending too much time, wasting our lives, to look at a screen or focus on the unimportant minutiae. But this trend started so much further back than that… years ago Radio and Television were designed much in the same way. And a population changed…

I used to have this theory that you could track musical and fashion trends to popular drugs of the time period and others have gone on to show this same thing [1, 2, 3]. I’ve explained my theory to several people in the past but the first time I looked it up on Google I was admittedly shocked at the amount of material that had previously been written on the topic.

[But the link here is not as simple as drugs… the link is dopamine.] All of us crave it whether we know it or not. We look for our little shots of dopamine anywhere we can get them. The person checking their feed to see who liked their latest post or worried about how many retweets they got is after the same rush the addict under the bridge gets… 

Sure we can claim moral superiority based on dosage or the lack of crimes committed. But what are you sacrificing for that little rush?

I say the same thing is going on in business. People, business owners, are buying in left and right to the marketing hype. They are looking for that same dopamine rush and they are doing it such mass they are changing the market. Tons of young guns looking to make a quick buck running out and rushing in… most of them not thinking about what the true effects of what they are doing. 

I would say none of them have a true strategy for the long term. Most of them are using tactics shared in passing and designed to make a quick buck.

And this is where we can use the greatest money-making strategy to steal customers right away from these bottom feeders. It’s super simple, and something you can do ethically. After all part of the thing that will separate you from these people is how committed you are to operating ethically and how devoted you are to providing true value to your customers over marketing hype.

 So what on Earth could I mean?

Simple… take what is broken and fix it. Fix it so well that your customers and their customers could never see any need for an alternative. It’s beautiful really. Ethically stealing the idea of your competitor but through better execution, better design, and more attention to the customers’ needs you can build something that blows them out of the water. 

If you do it right people won’t even see the competition as competition at all. In their eyes, you are on such a different level than what you have vs what they have are not even in the same ballpark. They aren’t the same game.

Now you have the greatest money-making secret in the world. 


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