Bringing Back the 30 Day Challenge

I’ve done it at least once. But the time where I completed the challenge I had a lot of help.

Basically, when I did this previously and maybe it was only 10 days or so I had prompted to help me get started, but this time I’m just going to dive into the deep end and try to get a post out a day for 30 days.

I should have enough things saved to make this work… But honestly, that is not the point. I was even thinking about not posting this post till I had some saved up, but I think jumping into the fire is the best way to get it done.

Even this post I had written out and was waiting till I was sure I could stick to it for a while. But I had an interesting conversation this weekend with my Father-in-Law, and the best time is now.

If you would like to join along leave a comment and I’ll read your post each day!

Photo at Gather Place in Tulsa Ok at sunset
A photo I took at the Gathering Place in Tulsa, Ok
Mexican Petunia, I or Sherece took at the Oklahoma Botanical Garden.

Spencer Heckathorn

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