I have a lot of posts that I have not finished over the last year. Often I start writing about something typically a question I have and as I’m writing I realize the answer. Now I’m going to try something different. My goal is to make a post each day for the rest of Septemeber. I’ll try to teach you something, but the warning is I could be very wrong.

You might learn better by reading and deciding to do the opposite so take everything with a grain of salt over the next few weeks or so.

Now that the warning is out this counts as my first post! ‘Go me’

I have not decided what to touch on tomorrow, but it will either be based on my notes from last month or one of the many unfinished posts. I have been experimenting on other sites with different formats and layouts and approaches to blogging. For the most part, I can tell you it does matter; I’m not going to worry about it here.

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