Moving Forward on Let’s Build a Business ep 2

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It is well past time for me to do this but I am moving forward and will post episode 2 of Let’s Build a Business (LBaB). I’ll use this as a “laundry list” of the things I am working on and I will plow through just trying to get the basic site up to the point where a product can be purchased at:

Breakdown of Where We Are

So far I have a working WordPress install with most of the basic plugins and theme that I will be using.

Here is the list:

Better Notifications for WordPress
Contact Form 7
EWWW Image Optimizer
Google Analytics by MonsterInsights
Jetpack by
Landing Pages
Postman SMTP
SendPress Newsletters
WooCommerce CRM
WooCommerce PayPal Pro
WP Super Cache
Yoast SEO


Avada via Child Theme

SSL is set up
External SEO and analytics are setup such as google analytics, bing webmaster tools, and more.
I have also setup a Facebook app for analytics purposes when I run Facebook ads.
And last I have set up automated sharing of posts, products, and new pages etc.

I maybe forgetting something.

What to do First

When you setup WordPress you need to spend the next few hours setting all the options and choosing how your site will display and look. Mostly these options are easy and most people even skip them. However, if you setup these options and make the right choices your site will work well and …. well be awesome. You can literally build an entire business on your WordPress site. So I have spent the last few hours since the last section of this article doing just that.

Regular site settings, SEO settings, Theme Settings, email settings, Shopping cart settings, and so on. I will make a video that covers this in-depth and eventually link that to this post.

The key takeaway here:

Open every single dialogue and check to see if something looks important or wrong.

The way I put it here makes it sounds easy and for the most part it is. However, it is easily intimidating and does take a long time even when you know what you are looking to get done.

Next on the List: Pages

Now I used demo content so these steps would be different for building a site from nothing. It is important to point out here I will be changing the site and testing it until it “works”. That is going to take several episodes.

And Now for: Products

The BIG goal here is to find products that people will purchase online. This means testing and focusing on the minimal number to get results. For our purposes we will have the PC Cleanup, and Yearly PC Service. Any other billing will be done via line-item but I will show all that in the next episode. You will be able to see the completed products in this episode (#2) and I will explain how plan on testing different version of the copy and trying to increase conversions.

That is all for this Episode

I will post it as soon as I am done editing but for now you can check out Better PC Health to see the current changes.

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