Been some time, but that is not going to stop me! So I wanted to post what I am working on and why I think it is a good plan, starting with a basic layout truly more notes for me than something useful for a random reader.

I am going to update the site 😉 not completely and I will be limited by my internet connection soon to be WordPress or Joomla but that part comes later (yes this blog post is an update so I did something :-).

I am listing things on eBay and getting ready for a garage sale on June 16 only 23 days away that’s not much time when one considers the amount of stuff I want to get rid of. Mostly I am listing things on eBay as a way to get rid of them before the sale and I am thinking that it is the most beneficial way to proceed. The goal of this is making as much money so I can start:

  • I am going to fix my truck and decide if I am going to sell it after it is fixed.
  • I am going to do some repairs and modifications to my RV! I have cool ideas of stuff I want to do but I need to make some more repairs of things I have found recently that need work.
  • I am going to pay off my RV early!!! This will be a big help to my state of mind if I can do it.
  • I am going to get the money ready for a renew of my lease.
  • I am going to give live poker another try but this time with a proper roll for it. I think this needs to be above $10,000 since I plan on playing with the same money I am going to be paying bills out of. If I had a regular job and did not have to worry too much about the money I would think a $1-2k roll would be more than sufficient since I could replenish it when needed.
  • I am going to consider moving out of the country…

I really need to put a lot of thought into this one, moving away from family into an unknown area with unknown customs does not seem like the first thing I want to do, but it seems to be me that every day as an American citizen lose a little more of what countless generations previous have fought and died for and that is called freedom. I could go deeper into my thoughts on this and why I think America is no different from any other society in history, we are as vulnerable, as any previous group of people who have come together to live under mutual rules, to the problems that ensue when people come into power that is corrupt in thinking and motive and that is it on that subject for now.

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