Old – Future Posts to get Deeper and More to the Heart

April 6, 2011, 6:25 PM

(note that the prefix old means I have not updated the grammar or spelling mistakes it is posted as it is from an old version of this site)

That’s right sports fans…. Ok, let me explain, I write in a journal from time to time I am just going to start posting what I write. I do mean everything. Honestly I have always hated the idea of blogs, I have hated the thoughts of someone spilling their guts to the public and exposing the stupid things they do and think (my mind goes back to reading a girl’s blog, someone I liked very much, and I would always read things I didn’t want to ever see or know about this person), however I think it is more likely, that not many people will read what I write, that most that do will not know me on a personal level, and I have always enjoyed writing as an outlet for the many thoughts stupid funny or profound that swim thru my head. To be completely honest as that is part of the new theme, I have grandiose visions that something I write might help someone in some way; more than likely it could help me to sort out my own thoughts and intentions.

Tomorrow comes the first post. They will always be a day late from when I write them and that means this web-log[sic] (blog) will have two parts for the days I am posting; the electronic only part mostly dealing with poker and other daily happenings, and WHEN it happens the deeper (hopefully deep) and intrinsic to my existence.

Beyond that let me say I have no claims to being good at grammar or spelling, I honestly think they are overrated as to a person’s intelligence, some of us think and learn slowly, others of us just never quite get it but as Descartes says in the opening line of t……

Spencer Heckathorn

I've been writing online on and off for nearly 20 years now. But I have been building online businesses and trying to figure out different ways to make money online consistently for 15 years. Recently you can find me writing on https://foodieresults.com and posting odd musings to Twitter @mrhobbeys. I also have a mailing list I'm passionate about growing because email and a personal website are better ways for people to do social media.

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