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Not as long but still, -written as in: not as long since, but this is very long and rambling and I only expect no one to get to the end, but I challenge you to get to the end, and when I put this into Drupal, or WordPress, or maybe Joomla then you can leave a commit but for now not.

Well, it has been about a month now, things are still going. I really miss poker, but for the most part I have found very, well shall we say, unproductive ways to fill my time I was working for a short bit but it was costing more in gas and eating out than I was making, of course I didn’t realize this till it was said and done I was sitting at the end of the month wonder how in the hell it was that I could not afford my bills (o-wait I found it; day late and dollar short of course).
[And more complaining] It occurred to me today that every time I have come up with a halfway decent plan of, for lack of a better term coming to mind, ‘getting ahead’ something mysterious and unforeseen happens, something wildly out of my control. I always pick-up, move on, and ship out to the next adventure so it’s not a big deal just easy to feel like the universe has it out for me… (I can provide proof, I have journal entries dating back to High School of the odd happenings, there was a long period in my life where I was sure that it was some sort of ‘self-sabotage’ but now that I have pulled out those old books I am not so sure, and I will explore this more one day in the near future, so if this sort of “crap” bores the hell out of you I will warn you ahead of time for an easy skip.)

Just to say what is going on I am listing things on eBay and moving back to my parents’ house. My actual goals are slightly larger but I am also starting to see that trying to accomplish them all at once is not going to happen, it will either take too long and longer than it would otherwise, or nothing at gets done as I get distracted from one plan to the next in just the planning stages.

To get things done I am organizing and expressing my goals and how I will achieve them. I will, basically, come up with a plan and stick to it. It’s really that simple nothing more nothing less, and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to poker and my poker friends, and Spencer (not me) for pointing out the importance of sticking to 1 thing and really focusing on it. I do think if I had never played [online] poker for the time I did, I would have never seen how effective and real this concept is. I truly believe I would have gone through a large portion of my life doing somewhat averagely because I would always be changing my goals or how I would achieve them. Now I think that this is the sort of crap one reads after someone is successful and has reached the point where they are writing their autobiographies, but what the hell I am writing off the top of my head and this blog is not popular at this point in time. (AND no I am not proof reading this [but do spell check], maybe I will start editing and working on making something presentable in the future but it’s not a big concern at this point in time.)

Before I get started on doing this I do plan to make this post long and possibly incomprehensible by any but the most dedicated, so let me keep going.

For years I have said, “I hate blogs!” and for the most part I really do, but only under the right circumstances. The types of blogs I hate are the type filled with self-flagellation, depressing stories about depression or more specifically ‘over dramatic’ representations of life, and most import I detest blogs of the youthful writers that put things out that others should never know about. The reasons are simple and although I have said for years, “I am going to write that blog post about why I hate blogs so much,” [LMAO] I never did it because I wanted to make a huge deal out of it complete with real life examples and tons of links to prove what I am about to tell you (the oldest online example of this is my myspace page), but as part of my ‘self-therapy’ I am moving on and pressing through because this is the only way it will get done. I am going to take the attitude that if I do not do it someone else will (it is likely they already have), and if the idea is good enough I will let someone else explain it and fill in the details. The meat of the matter is very straightforward:

1. What you post on the internet, NO MATTER WHERE ON THE INTERNET, you have ZERO CONTROL over WHO sees it!!!

Everything is searched, indexed, hacked or hackable, and accessible       by anyone

  • future bosses
  • future girlfriends
  • your 1-day children – and any descendants so long as we don’t self-destruct everything, but it is best to assume we won’t for a very long time
  • enemies
  • friends
  • colleges
  • teachers
  • parents
  • and on and on and on

2. What you post on the internet is stored forever in some way or another

  • O yes, geeks and freaks, your musings on life and whatever else will be around much longer then you are. One never knows what governments keep and how they use the info [something else I will write about]
  • Google is today’s giant but realize sever thousand search engines and tools are scouring the internet for content to be the next google
  • hackers/crackers all search and index things for their own reasons
  • companies like governments only with fewer legal restrictions love the internet for the FREE information about your life that it allows them to possess
  • hoarders – seriously – there really are people out there that hoard information and several programs exist just for the sake of taking sites completely and wholly and saving them to hard drives or other media

3. Your thinking may not be as clear (as clearly as you aren’t thinking/typing)

  • signal loss (see this whole damn post) what you say in a heightened state of emotion may not make sense to others
  • what you are trying to say may just not get through
  • what you intend to say is not what someone else is reading
  • poor editing and proofreading, just because it is so damned easy (again see this whole post or possibly the whole blog for that matter) Lets face it in the days of spell checking and as easy as it is to keep pounding out the next syllables it is easy to forget or even care about making coherent and readable blog posts
  • no one is grading you with a red pen but you do get graded and you better believe it if you want to make it

EXTREME EXAMPLE: Government passes a law forbidding a particular political belief or just starts persecuting people that have a belief (you, doubters, should look at recent history, anyone recall the 1950’s era and the congressional hearings for all those evil communist, in my mind all they did was bring the issue to the forefront and expose more people the flawed thinking that is a socialist system, (o yes more on that too later) They have done it before and will do it again.

No belief system is safe. So let’s take this one out to the EXTREME. You say something against the president (whomever) and now because it is the internet and you have no control over who reads what you have said or HOW they INTERPRET what you have written there is no telling what could happen **

4. Tons more reasons but I am out of reasoning

  • Like I said before kids are most vulnerable for being of the mindset that it won’t matter
  • Anyone plagued with lake of ability to take things out far into the future
  • And so on and so on
  • Please write a thesis do some research and send me a link so I can post it here 😉 and so I can say “I was right” 😛

** NO MATTER your affiliation politically if the right, or more correctly stated the wrong, people come into power because the internet is what it is “they” could be coming for you. It could be in the form of taxes imposed on those that don’t hold the ideals of the “fill_in_the_blank”, or it could be for the actual persecution of your person. It is the stupid idea by governments and even large corporations, that once you are “x_fill_in_ the_blank” you will always be such or you must have the “tendency” to be such. This is wholly dangerous thinking, people do change and they change often. When a society forgets that people change, is when that society starts to change in a horrible manner. This leads, ultimately, to the destruction of said society or the people in it. I could go on and on about but I will save it for another day.

^^^ On what I have just talked about and from an earlier statement. You never know what governments or companies keep on you as far as records go, and most important you never know why. THIS is truly something I want to expand on in another post but I am going to give brief examples of what I am talking about and where it could go in the future…

The Credit Score (already here, not widely known to the public until recent history)

Credit Scores Work

Used to figure out the likely hood of you to pay your future debts. This score is crap. Because I truly will do the research and expand this section greatly in a future post I just want to get it out now; Credit Scores work they work to keep you in an oppressive system and give little hopes for those looking to change their ways and start doing the things they should have done all along. ie it takes a short time to get your score down but it can take years to ‘repair’ it. So far this has not been a major problem, but we will see what the future holds for a country that has a shrinking and aging population fraught with crooked companies that come up with things like default loan swaps and payday loans.

Ratings you don’t know about… yet

Used to project the likely hood you will do x or y. There is somewhere a computer crunching away on numbers and looking at everything you have ever done or searched on the internet to see if you are likely to be a terrorist or other threat, there are computers in use looking at every bit of information they can about you to figure out how likely you are to buy something. These are the same computers that in a clever way show you shoes on every site you visit after you look at a pair of shoes to buy.

Ratings in the future: [and a brief look at why they would be implemented although likely not good]

For this just one a prediction of how likely you are to commit a crime. If, God forbid, the government [being police, FBI, CIA, or the new homeland security] realized through data gathering that people that do these specific things;

Let’s pretend someone that…

  • has average grades up through middle school
  • has good grades in high school
  • sees the school counselor more than 5 times in any one year
  • moves some time during youth
  • and has divorced parents

Are 70% more likely to commit some violent crime

Anyone with this information could use and abuse this in ways we could never fully understand or foresee. Even though the entire method used could have been wrong, once the belief in the resulting information is established it is hard to dismiss. But to take this a little further, government already abuses statistics in ways you would never believe, for instance did you know that a large majority of government programs are considered successful and valid with just a .02% margin…. 50.02% of people with high cholesterol have heart disease or end up having a heart attack or put another way when people are checked after dying from a heart attack 50.02% of them have high cholesterol. I will add to this and adjust what I am reporting at the moment with the correct values which actually might be 52%. The point of all this is that they won’t need a 98% rate of correlation and this is dangerous, imagine if you are an officer and you are told that the person over there is more likely to rob the store he is walking into and you believe this; you do what? Follow the person into the store. Watch the person intently. Maybe go over and talk to them. Or just to let them know you are there you shake them up a bit, but I am saying to you that these actions in themselves change the entire outcome, it is the physics principle that observing the experiment fundamentally changes the outcome and the same is true in life and all of our interactions.

Okay, I am still rambling but I am getting bored of this… I will make some of these points more understandable and research worthy by posting facts with references but I am not saying I will do this soon because I have other things to work on I just needed to vent before I could find it in myself to make a blog consistently. About those stats gathering and info combining, it’s all very complex and done by software, software so simple that I have made a small example program and I am working on a delivery system for my website[s] that will allow me to control…. well not me but the content will be controlled by the software the same software or as they are actually called algorithms are in use by Google to deliver relevant ads, Netflix to give you moves you want to see, and about everyone else in existence for one reason or another whether it is rating systems content delivery or even stock market predictions the same principles are already being applied to your life and if it hasn’t happened yet it is only a matter of time before the government gets in on the act…. (they do ever hear of face recognition software, and we know England has cameras everywhere).

hehe Just a little more.

I post all this crap cause I can, I know it is not the best and likely does not make sense but I promise I will put more effort and time into future posts but I do not ever promise that they will in anyway be short, they can be but I won’t work to that.

Your arrogant blogger


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