Today I…

Now that I have the jibber-jabber of my system for a little while I am going to keep these pretty short and sweet and to the point. Today I am working on organizing files and cleaning so that I am ready for my move on Wednesday, it’s not that big of a deal to move when you are in an RV but this will be an interesting experience. If I get done and have actual free time I am going to work on installing a CMS or at least cleaning this site up a bit. I think I will consider rewriting some of these posts and for any purest out there I will provide links to the originals just because it is not that hard to do.

I have started finding some unfinished projects I would like to complete so as I go I am making a mental list of them and after I move and start listing on eBay I will be figuring out what order to complete these things in. That is it for now. I will be back tomorrow.

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