What happens when you bring mindfulness to the project?

Being mindful allows me to stop ignoring the problems that my inner-self is trying to warn me about. It allows me to fully immerse myself in a way that brings things together and moves them forward.

This is the same inner stillness that warns me of dangers I would rather ignore, as it is the one that alerts me to opportunities. It is not the “resistance”.

Is the project the same as you? The project is serious. There is a lot on the line. But what happens if you take yourself a lot less seriously? Many people find it makes it easier to take the problem seriously if they let themselves off the serious hook a bit.

The things I am working on I have often let them quietly take over. The stress and anxiety have caused me many a sleepless night, but when I have been able to “let go” things have always seemed to just work. A flow develops, I am able to trust, and then I am able to just get things done.

The thing about it, while I remember the struggle and the stress and how good it made me feel to succeed under those conditions, it has always been just as good to succeed when I am not seeing every disaster of the end of myself. When I take the problem serious but not myself, work is able to get done faster and better, and maybe more amazing, I have almost always “had fun” working this way.

Give an example of a moment in the past when you forgot Rule 6… and whether, in retrospect, those behaviors paid off. When someone asks why you’re not panicking, perhaps the answer might be, “would it help?”

Taking on an unprofitable project that I was determined to see through. For as long as I saw it as a failure, and stressed about it nearly nothing got done because I only saw one direction. When I stepped back recently and started to look for an alternative, and I mean wildly different from what I have previously thought of alternatives, things have started to flow again.

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