Tell the right story to the right people (recognizing worldviews) – Leadership NB Prompt #4

Are you telling a story about your goal that resonates with the people who are ready to hear it?

I have thought about this a lot, but not exactly in the way presented here. Basically answering this bluntly, I am. However, it forces me to realize I am not telling it in a way that every person who is ready to hear about my goals needs to hear it.

It’s a little funny. I used to think that most people responded best to the money aspect, “here is what the business can do” etc. But I have noticed that different people respond differently and I have in a natural way (without thinking about it deeply) changed the tone of the story to fit the audience. For some people, I talk about the money, for others, it is about the potential for the business to help a large number of people, and still, for others, it has been more about their individual potential to help.

Tell your story four ways, all true, all based on different worldviews, for different audiences.

Generic Script – I know this is not what was asked for but I am not fully prepared for this. It requires a little more thought.

For the Investor type:

I have been working on “my project” for x number of (weeks|months|years) and I have seen these usage and growth patterns which allow me to project y profits.

For the Business tycoon type:

I have been working on “my project” for x number of (weeks|months|years) and I have seen these usage and growth patterns which allow me to project y growth.

For the potential worker:

I have this great thing I have been doing, “my project” and I think you would be the best fit to help it grow and reach full potential. “My project” does these things: (list of benefits provided such as social goodness). I think you would be a good fit for z.

For the potential customer:

Hey, I see you are trying to fix or take care of problem a. Something I have been working on takes care of problem a. “My project” may be a good fit for you needs, here is why I think that it is true. Will you give “my project” a chance?


These are not bullet proof solutions but I think it is a framework to start with and expand on. Of the people who hear your idea, I think the ones ready to respond will fall into one of those categories with all others just going right to the “other” been.

Spencer Heckathorn

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