Ok, I know. I said every day this month.

I had a few days where I was not feeling that great, terrible excuse I know. The other part to the delay is I got all excited and started finding old blog posts and writing some. I ended up doing nothing 😀

Right now I have been working on a proposal for Better PC Health and doing so has forced me to think about many of the details. I know what needs to happen, now it is just a matter of making it happen.

I’ve also been working on an exercise called the self-authoring program. This is an interesting one. There are several modules about the past the present, and virtues and faults. I have been working on the past portion for some time–really I just put it off for some time.

You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you’ve been.

Maya Angelou

I can see some patterns in my life that I need to end. Some of them are caused by the incorrect reaction on my part to other peoples bad behavior, but I can see the unhealthiness. Some of it is overcorrection for self-protection. Other bits are just incorrect assessment, on my part, of the situation.

But we are actually really good at doing these things.

We make these kinds of choices before we even know it. Once we make the choice and the synapsis are firing and the chemicals are flowing… now we ‘decide’ as we know it.

When something happens a region in your brain called the frontopolar cortex starts sending signals in some unconscious ways. But it is not until around 10 seconds later that you actually are conscious of the decision. What is more interesting about this is the next part.

Your conscious mind interprets what choices you have made. In other words, it tells stories. This is fascinating to me. You think you are going down the street because you need to look at new lighting for your dining room, however, maybe your unconscious mind wanted a hot dog from the stand outside and directed you down the street knowing full well you would cheat on your diet.

What is more interesting on the same note is the way we might have an impact on your unconscious minds, and how that might play out in our conscious mind. Part of the program I am doing filling all this info out. Thinking about things will alter the way things will play out. But the interesting part is I may not have as much control over this as I would like to think.

However, I know to some degree the things I take in the thoughts I tell myself to have do have an impact. It is a very strange thing to think about and something I’m doing more reading about etc. Expect future updates on this as I learn more.

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