WordPress Publish Date Reverts When Click Save After Reset

I just ran into an odd issue. I’m trying to fix posts that were once published and then removed and others that were scheduled but missed the scheduled post date for one reason or another.

What would happen is each time I click Reset then save the post date would revert back to the old date.

I found 2 fixes for this.

First, if I changed the date to a future date, schedule the post, and then reset it I could get it to go back to a draft as I wanted.

Animation showing how to fix the issue.

Second, I could disable Edit Flow (Link to WordPress.org: Edit Flow) and this also fixed the issue. But I really like Edit Flow and use it to help manage content and writers.

Spencer Heckathorn

I've been writing online on and off for nearly 20 years now. But I have been building online businesses and trying to figure out different ways to make money online consistently for 15 years. Recently you can find me writing on https://foodieresults.com and posting odd musings to Twitter @mrhobbeys. I also have a mailing list I'm passionate about growing because email and a personal website are better ways for people to do social media.

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