Writing About the thing(s) I fear to make them Less Powerful -Leadership NB Prompt #2

*This post did not go how I expected, what I had thought about writing and what came out were completely different.

What about your journey might not work?

Everything. Anything.

I wonder about, if I am making the wrong choice now, my family will suffer. My career will be set-back and I will not reach any of my goals. I will have led people down the wrong path and will have forever lost their respect. My friends and family will grow to hate me and I will die a young and pointless death because I cried “charge on” when there was no chance of success.

I think of these things often and work hard not to be wrong about things I tell people. I called out some of my biggest weaknesses and brought them into the light but they are still here. I know I am weak about telling people when things are looking bleak or when they may be harder than expected. I know that I am also weak about complaining when I should, I don’t cry out in pain when it hurts bad enough, when I am angry enough, or when the time is right. I don’t even know why.

So what may not work? If I go through this and am unable to address these fatal flaws. I know I will have failed. I know I would be a far more effective person in my personal and professional life by just getting these things right.

Does describing the chasm in front of you make it more likely that you’ll fall into it?

As I sit here contemplating this question, I realize it describes the exercise very well, and then it plays right into my fear, assuming we have come to call it that.

Let me put this another way if I have a weakness of bringing to light my own flaws, my own doubts, or my own opinion in certain situations. The question becomes why? What am I so afraid of that I would not speak up and say something is a bad idea when I know it is? Am I really afraid of hurting someone’s feelings?

This exercise is only 20 min and I am down to the last 5. It is making me think and that is why I have chosen to take this class. I realize right here though I need to sit down and evaluate some things in a similar way.

It was a weakness identified by a personality test more recently that I am seeing here. I will let a problem, something that is bothering the heck out of me, sit and fester until I reach a breaking point. I need to end that. Hands down, it has to stop in my personal and professional capacities.

Spencer Heckathorn

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