Sometimes my life just feels nuts.

What I have come to realize is true. At some point when I try to do too much at once. I really do nothing at all.

Now here we are trying to scale back on the amount of stuff we own and the things we are doing (we being Sherece and me). You’d think it would be as easy as just throwing a few things out and saying no to new things that come along but it is not always that easy.

Anyhow there is no doubt about it, we are busy right now. Things are hectic, but we press on and get through. Today was a nice day…

We spent some time looking at apartments and finding ways to save some money. It was nice just to spend some time with my wife more or less just hanging out. All that and I still managed to actually get some things done.

Friday, on the other hand, was a disaster of sorts! Getting our tag for our car was its own special kind of drama. I won’t go into details but I will say I will be happy if I never purchase a new car again.  👿

Now, this post has been way more personal than typically you have seen from me, but I used to do this kind of thing far more often. I think I wouldn’t mind doing so regularly. If I at least get into the habit of banging out another post every now and then maybe I will just sit down and write to the backlog I have created of posts I want to write. Yeah…. I have lots of them and while I kicking some things to the curb posting help articles, reviews, and blog type stuff, in general, is something I want to try to do more often.

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